Thursday, April 17, 2014

CVC Word Build

I should be packing for my trip to Nashville (I leave tomorrow), but I wanted to show you this fun CVC building activity!  Some of my lower students REALLY need extra help on those short vowels, so this was perfect for them!

This is from my Word Work: CVC Activities!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Popcorn Adjectives!

Our class won a popcorn party for having perfect attendance last week!  We of course enjoyed some popcorn with a short movie, but then we got down to work.  We used adjectives to describe our yummy popcorn treat!

I gave them a describing sheet where we came up with words to describe our popcorn.  Of course we talked about using our senses to write about our popcorn.

Once we finished out describing sheet, each kiddos wrote about their popcorn using their adjectives!  We did awesome!

That popcorn was certainly motivating ;)   Click HERE to grab these sheets! :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Comprehension Passages

Time to dive into guided reading!  I like to meet with my lowest groups every day, which means we go through a lot of books!  I took one of my kiddos with me to pick out books for next week in an attempt for him to be more interested in guided reading for next week and we both realized we have read through almost all of his leveled books!
Now, we do have a Reading A-Z account for our school and a set of old guided reading books, so really we wouldn't "run out" of books for them!  However, I still wanted more for those lower groups to enhance those comprehension skills.

I created my first Reading Comprehension Passages pack!  This pack is all about animals.  It includes both fiction and non fiction passages with 5 questions for each passage.  All on one page.

Here I used the "Busy Bee" passage with my lowest group.  First, I read it to them while they point to the words.  Then, I have them read it.  This way those tricky words don't discourage them.

Once they finish we go through the questions.  My kiddos LOVE using highlighters and tell me how much they feel like they are in "8th grade".  We use highlighters to help us go back into the reading to find our answers.  This also helps them show how they found the answer instead of guessing.

I would LOVE to give one of these packs away!
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Feeling like Spring...FINALLY

It is finally feeling like spring here!  Tomorrow it will be in the 70's!  My kiddos are already convinced it is "so hot" out, tomorrow will feel like summer!  Is this sad?  haha!
I have pulled out the spring stuff.  It felt weird to do spring stuff when there was a foot of snow falling from the sky last week!
We used a sheet from my Print and Learn: April to practice our measuring using non-standard units.  We completed this sheet and then measured things around the room using our rain drop rulers

Yesterday, we also used this fun sheet from Freebielicious!  The fabulous Mel D. from Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations!

I thought this was funny because it literally snowed one day over spring break and then all melted by the end of they day.  This little guy was pumped and very observant of that :)

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hippity Blog Hop 2

Irene and I are teaming up with some AMAZING bloggers for Hippity Blog Hop part 2! :)  There isn't a starting point, but if you are starting here just click through each blog.  You will find a freebie from each blogger PLUS a super giveaway that includes products from every blogger AND a $25 Amazon gift card!
*Button graphics courtesy of Glitter Meets Glue DesignsBubbly Borders and More, and Pixel Paper Prints.*
If you are here from Melonheadz Illustrations, WELCOME!  I hope you have been picking up some great freebies as you hop along!
I have created a fabulous tally freebie for your Easter basket called Tweet, Tweet Tallies!

There is a tally and number matching game, plus recording sheet and an extra review sheet!  Enjoy!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday Linky!

I'm linking up with Primary Possibilities for her Throwback Thursday linky!  It was easy!  Just pick an old post and repost it!  I picked one from summer because summers here are HOT and I wish it was at least warm here :)
***** This post is from July 24th, 2013*****
Summer School-Zoo Week
I really didn't do a zoo week, but I did do an Animal Math week which included zoo animals.
Most of my classes have between 10-20 kiddos.  This week I had 6 registered and only 3 showed only 2!  Usually, they cancel low numbered classes but not mine...  I will admit it is hard because I have all boys so fun cute art projects aren't fun to them.
Today, I did get them to do some coloring though!  I did have one say, "I probably will say are we done yet the whole time I color."-Well thanks for the warning...

Each kiddo got to pick a puzzle and color it. 

The one who "didn't like coloring" did this one!  I gave them the freedom to color however they wanted.  This is the "party zebra".  Doesn't it look like the zebra from that zebra gum that had the tattoo wrappers?

After they colored, they cut and glued onto a new sheet!  Click on the picture to grab yours for FREE!

 Another activity that we did was to go on a "Zoo Animal Safari".
Each kiddo got a stack of animal cards to color.  I hung them up around the room and the kiddos graphed what they saw.

Check back tomorrow for a blog hop and giveaway!! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Non-Fiction Text Features Activty

We are diving into our non-fiction reading and did a FUN activity to go with it!  I found this big basket of post it notes in my classroom when I moved into it at the beginning of the year.  These were key in this activity.  My kiddos go crazy over using post it notes...

After discussing what features can be found in MOST non-fiction books, I made a poster for each feature.
Each kiddo picked a non-fiction book.

They read through it and went on a scavenger hunt to find those features.

Once they found a feature, they wrote down the feature and what page they found it on.  Then, they stuck it to the correct poster!

  They were LOVING this, so I let them go through the books and do more than one book.
This activity was so simple, but those kiddos know those features and how they can use them!