Friday, June 14, 2019

Sight Word Passages

Sight words can be very tricky to learn and remember.  I always spend a lot of time reviewing, reviewing, reviewing them as we learn them. 

I am always thinking of fun ways to practice the sight words we learn.  We sing about them, chant the letters in them, and read books with them in it. 

I have created a fun way to practice these words that is perfect for ALL levels of readers. 
You can put these in your literacy centers, use them during guided reading, or use it during writing.
Each passage uses short sentences that focus on a sight word. 

Your kiddos will read the passage, circle the sight word, read the sight word, then write the sight word.
The best part of these passages is that the kiddos that aren't quite reading yet can still search through the passage to find the sight word.

Finding sight words while you read is a great reading skill and will help those little ones become better readers too!

Instead of using a pencil or marker, you can use a highlighter.  Have you ever given a kindergartner a highlighter?  It's like Christmas morning ;) 
Grab these HERE!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Fizzy Colors

I wanted to share a fun science activity that works inside on a rainy day or outside on a warm sunny day!

Fizzy Colors is easy prep and kept my little guy engaged for awhile.

All you need to get started is baking soda, food coloring, and vinegar. 

I placed a drop of food coloring all over a baking sheet. 

Then, I covered each drop with the baking soda.

After they are all covered take an eye dropper of vinegar and put drops of it on each pile of baking soda.  As it fizzes the colors will start to appear!

Once they were all done fizzing my little guy took his dropper and started mixing the colors to make new colors.
We went through more vinegar than I expected, but I did have a lot of baking soda over each colored drop.
I hope your little ones enjoy this as much as mine did :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Sensory Bin Freebie

I posted this activity during Teacher Appreciation Week, but wanted to share it here.
I created a fun summer themed sensory bin activity that you can use these last few days of school or this summer with your little ones at home!

This activity focuses on the 4 basic shapes!  Your kiddos pick a card and record what shape they find!  There are two recording sheets included.  One sheet your kiddos color the shape they find and the other one they trace the shape. 
This sensory bin center comes in BW and color!  Grab it HERE!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Puzzle Fun

Puzzles are a fun activity for your kiddos at school and home!

Summer is right around the corner and let's be honest-there will be rainy days!  It is always nice to have a rainy day activities up your sleeve for that last minute indoor time.

I recently took one of our letter puzzles and taped each piece onto a door in our house.  My son would find a letter on the door then put the piece on his puzzle.  It was fun to have the pieces on the door and added an extra step to take the tape off.

There are different ways you can do this.  You can say a letter and they find it or you can let them pick the letter and let them set it on their own!

Another fun way to mix things up is to take a puzzle and wrap each piece in tin foil or paper.  Your kiddos have to unwrap the piece before they can set their puzzle!  What kiddo DOESN'T like opening presents!?

Monday, May 6, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Freebies

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
I wanted to celebrate YOU all week long with a NEW freebie every day this week!
I'm kicking off day 1 with a summer themed subtraction center.

Your kiddos can play two ways!

They can sort the cards by the answers to the equations or they can pick an equation and record on their recording sheet.

All these freebies will be posted in my store, so make sure you are following so you don't miss out on any this week!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is right around the corner, so I wanted to share some fun Mother's Day gifts I found that you could make in your classroom!

These are easy to make and will look ADORABLE!
This first one is a thumbprint project.  This is a quick and easy gift made with an ink pad, paper, and a glass gem!

This one can be done a few different ways!  You can place the paper in a gallon sized baggie with paint and create a design or you can let your kiddos paint a piece of paper.  You will cut out a heart and place the painted paper in the back of the paper.

This one doesn't involve paint which can make it a little easier!

This one is a cute one that comes with a poem that your kiddos can put their prints all over.  I also like the handprint bouquet. 

This is another paper craft that uses one handprint and little flowers to create a cute flower pot!

I hope these gave you some ideas of crafts to make with your kiddos!  I have linked all the ideas to blog post with the directions!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

ABC Countdown

I wanted to share a fun activity I have done in my classroom in the past as a fun countdown to summer!
We would do an ABC countdown!

Every day we would review a letter of the alphabet by doing fun activities that started with that letter.  
I have seen some teachers start with Zz and some teachers start with Aa.  We started with Aa, so our Zz day ended up being the day we headed to the zoo!  
Some fun days we did were Apple Day, Bubbles Day, Ice Cream Day, etc!
I recently created an easy print and go pack that focuses on beginning sounds.  This would be a great addition to your countdown or even while you are learning about the letters.

Each day you could use the "What starts with...?" worksheet and color the pictures that start with that letter.

Once you get through the first four letters you can do a review day and complete the "Sound Match" worksheet.

There are a lot of other review sheets that have a mix of letters.

Writing the missing letters or coloring pictures that start with the letter.

Do you have an ABC Countdown in your classroom?