Friday, February 13, 2015

Five for Friday

What a busy week!
Our 100th day was on Wednesday!  We did 100 exercises, counted to 100, went on a number scavenger hunt, and made a 100th day snack!  I'm still tired talking about it all!
I had my higher group do a passage from my Reading Comprehension Passages: WINTER pack!
We ALSO had conferences this week (I'm exhausted)!  I had my kiddos do this page from my Print and Learn: February pack while I did self evaluations!
We are still working away on those sight words!  
I got this card from one of my kinders...haha!

Was your week as busy as mine!?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ed Expo 2015

I'm so excited to share with you an amazing opportunity I am participating in this month!  I am headed to Atlanta with a group of amazing bloggers to EDexpo 2015.
EDexpo is the premier showcase for the latest and greatest educational resources!  There is everything from instructional materials to games and toys.  It is a great way for dealers to connect with buyers to learn about their products.  
I will be walking the exhibitor floor looking for the must have teacher resources this year!  There is an amazing list of exhibitors that will be there.
I can't wait to share what I find!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Five for Friday

What a week!  Thank you, Full Moon
Check out what we have been up to!

We went on a field trip on Thursday to the Children's Theater!  It started out a little rocky... Here we is a pic I snapped as we are all waiting outside the bus because the bus drive was no where to be found...  Don't worry, we made it to the theater, but not on this random abandoned bus #stilldontknowwhyitwasthere

We did this long and short vowel sort today!  Perfect for Valentine's Day!  My kiddos loved it!  Find it here!

I am headed to the EdExpo in Atlanta in a couple weeks AND I officially have registered for the TpT Conference in VEGAS this summer!  These came in the mail at just the right time! :)

I don't have a enough dotters for everyone in my class, so sometimes we use HIGHLIGHTERS!  Yes!  We are soo excited about highlighters!  We practiced our rhyming using my Dotter Fun pack!

Our emergent reader this week.  My kiddos loved that it was all about cupcakes and frosting!

How was your week!? 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day Centers!

I pulled out some Valentine's Day centers this week!
These adorable love monster sight word cards are from my Love Monster activity pack!  I put them into my word work centers and had my kiddos build each word on a baking pan!
The next couple activities are from my Valentine's Day Writing Center Activities pack!
I laminated the recording sheet so we can reuse it.  I have my kiddos pick a word, find it on the sheet, trace, and write it!
Updated my writing center to put in these sheets! 
My kinders read, trace, write, and build each sentence

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Wow January FLEW by!
I am linking up with Farley for her Currently linky!
Listening- There is always a marathon going on!  However, the hubby has taken over and is watching some Super Bowl pre game...still sad the Packers aren't in it!
Loving-I was so sick last week and I am finally feeling better! 
Thinking-I'm headed to Atlanta this month for ED Expo 2015 with a bunch of other amazing bloggers!  
We will be walking through exhibitor floor checking out some great educational resources!
Wanting:  I NEED some new workout shoes!  I always get mine from the Under Armour Outlet, but think I need some nicer ones!
Needing- I'm just going to keep talking about needing to clean instead of actually doing it lol!
Pageant Title- We live right next to a Target (a field separates us), so I am there all the time.  If you can't find it at Target, you do NOT need it ;)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stop, Swap, and Roll! Plus a Giveaway!

I am so happy to participating in Jungle Learners product swap!  Almost everyone participating is giving away the product they swapped!

I was lucky enough to swap with Mo from More than Math by Mo!  Her store is full of amazing products so it was so hard to choose!

I ended up choosing her Real vs Nonsense words pack.  I used this pack during guided reading with a couple of my groups!  They were so engaged and giggled every time they read a nonsense words :)

This pack is filled with a variety of activities!  The best part is each activity comes in colored or black/white!
The first activity I had my kiddos do was sorting real and nonsense words.
The graphics were perfect!  My kiddos kept commenting on them!
For this activity, I spread the word cards upside down on the table.  Each kiddo would pick a card, read it, and sort it.
Like I said before, when they read a nonsense word they would just crack up.  I walked away for a second and when I came up they could not stop laughing. I asked what was so funny, so they showed me one of the cards and asked me to read it.  I read it and they just started laughing again.  Learning is so fun :)
The next activity we did was Finding Real Words.  Each card had a nonsense word and a real word.  The kids had to read each word and record which word was real on their recording sheet.

Along with these two activities, there were some worksheets for review!  
If you are LOVING this pack as much as I am, then enter below to win a copy!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Check out more amazing products and giveaways!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Five for Friday

It has been awhile since I have linked up!

 The diagnosis: STREP!  Ugh!  I am finally feeling a little better!

I created this fun syllable game during my prep one day.  In honor of "The Big Game", I cut out footballs and wrote words on each one.  Then I made goal posts.  I put numbers on each one.  We went around the circle picking a football, reading the word, and counting the syllables.  We would put the football by the correct number and cheer after each turn.
If I had to change one thing about this activity, I would of made more goal posts and put one number on each number!

We are doing our FOSS Fabric unit in science.  Here we are weaving.  Simple and so engaging! :)

I posted this on my Instagram.  We are in our measuring unit and we all traced our shoes to measure. 

I think I posted this on my Facebook or Instagram last week, but wanted to share it here!  I made a this sheet and had my kiddos cut out buttons to create a addition equation.  This little one got really into it :)

What were you up to this week?!
Stop by tomorrow for a fun little giveaway! :)