Monday, September 15, 2014

Dotter Patterns~ FREEBIE

We are in our pattern unit for math right now and my kinders are starting to get it!  Today, we created and labeled patterns, and I was amazed at how many of my kiddos could tell me what kind of pattern they made!
During our math workshop, we are making patterns with anything we can find!  I added a fun center using everyone's favorite thing-DOTTERS, DAUBERS, DABBERS (whatever you like to call them)!

I let them decide what kind of patterns they wanted to make.  I only had ONE kiddo get dotter crazy and not make patterns...there is always one :)
I made my way around to each of the centers to ask them what kind of pattern they made.  

Want a copy!?  Click HERE or click on the picture below!  If you don't have dotters, you can use crayons, stickers, foam pieces...really the possibilities are endless!
Want more dotter activities!?  Check out my Dotter Fun Pack!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Five for Friday on Saturday...again...

It officially feels like fall!  Check out our week!

We were getting tired of tracing our names in our writing center, so I added some ABC tracers and dry erase markers!  All of a sudden tracing is fun again!  These sheets are from my Kindergarten at Last pack!

In math we took our cubes and made patterns.  We made repeating and non repeating patterns.  Once we were done with making them we sorted them!

We LOVE our sight word time!  We use Megan Wheeler's Sight Word Chant cards to spell and say our sight word.  Then, we complete this sheet from my Dolch Sight Word Bundle.  However, whenever I ask my kids what this word is they say m-y, MY...

I got my classroom iPads Thursday!  Yay!  I can't wait to show you one of my favorite new apps!  Blog post coming soon... ;)  (The suspense is killing you, I know)
One of my little ones brought in a pencil box filled with grass and GRASSHOPPERS!  I made sure we kept that box in his locker and that he brought it home at the end of the day...  The last thing I wanted was that box to fall on the floor and grasshoppers to be jumping around everywhere...oh kindergarten :)
Hope everyone had a great week!  The hubby and I are off to wedding number 8 of the summer! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

5 Senses Card Match

We are spending our week in science going over our 5 senses to prepare us for our first science kit next week!
I made some 5 senses cards for my kiddos to use for this activity.  Each card has a picture of the sense and the name.

I gave each kiddo their own set of cards to cut out.  Once they were done they laid them out on the carpet.
I took my favorite set of Target Dollar Spot cards out to use for this activity.  Any picture set of picture cards will work.

I held up a picture and my kiddos held up one of their five senses cards that matched.  For example, I held up a picture of a radio and my kinders picked out the card that said hear on it!
Click HERE to grab your 5 senses cards! :)
Font-KB Fonts

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Button Sort

I love Target!  I think my last blog post started the same way!  I found these color cards from the Target Dollar Spot this past weekend too!
The cards themselves are amazing!  They have a main color card and 4-5 object cards that match with certain color cards.  I took the color cards out to use in one of our math workshop centers.
My kinders worked in pairs.  Each pair got a bowl of buttons.  They picked a card and sorted the buttons by that color.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Pattern Strips~FREEBIE

I love Target!  I could go there every day and find something new every time I go!  If you missed my Instagram post, EVERYTHING in the Dollar Spot was 70% off!  I went a little Dollar Spot crazy.  I picked up some colored foam shapes with our next math unit in mind.  We just started our pattern unit today, so I made a fun pattern center for our math workshop.
You can cut the pattern strips apart or leave them on one sheet.  If you don't have these foam pieces, you can still laminate and have your kiddos draw what comes next!
I cut mine apart, so my kiddos could pick and choose their patterns.
I'll admit some of them were a little tricky for my kiddos, but there were patterns that every kiddo could do.  

Click HERE to grab your pattern strips!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Favorite Book FREEBIE

I can't believe we are going into our 3rd week already!  We talked about our favorite books last week and I had my kinders draw a picture.  It was a super simple activity and got my kiddos thinking about their favorite books.  We also got talking about WHY we like those books too!  Click on the picture below to grab this sheet for yourself!
Border-Creative Clips
Font- KB Fonts
I started the activity by having my kiddos think about the different books they have read and why they liked them.  They shared their favorite book with a partner, then drew the cover of their book.
We read "Clifford's First Day of School" the first week.

This little one sounded out the title of his favorite book!  "Mster"=Master book...not sure what book that is, but he was obsessed!  He even said he could spell book!

 Hope you have a fabulous week!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Five for Friday

We made it through another week!  Thank you Doodle Bugs Teaching for this linky...I seem to only take like on pic of everything we do all week!
I got this freebie here!  It is actually a cutting practice activity, but I had my kiddos practice their tracing then they did their cutting.

We are practicing our stamina every day for Daily 5!  Here I introduced Read to Someone.  They are the cutest!  And once again I have a class that is OBSESSED with books and reading.  I think I could let them look at books for an hour and they wouldn't get bored!

We are on letter 'f' for our morning work.  One of my smarties likes to predict what the animal will be that they will color.  She guessed frog for today.  I am amazed she figured out each day is the next letter in the alphabet and could think of something that started with that letter.  These letter sheets are from my Kindergarten at Last pack.

One of my kiddos lost their letter W while doing this worksheet.  I saved the day by saying I would write the letter on a piece of paper!  But then he wanted two Chesters... So I guess I will stick to creating products with all the amazing clip art NOT making it :)
This is a FREEBIE that I found here!

I am saving the best for last!  Target has their ENTIRE dollar section 70% off!!  There isn't anything more to say, you need to go there as soon as possible!