Sunday, March 31, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted!

Happy Easter!  I have a little bit of time before it is time to head to my grandpa's house for a little Easter celebration!  I am linking up with Latoya, from Flying into First for her super fun Let's Get Acquainted linky!  LOVE this one!  Ok I love ALL linky parties! :)

Favorite Places to Shop:

Easy! Target or Old Navy! :)  Target has EVERYTHING!  And Old Navy USUALLY has super cute clothes! :)

Favorite TV Show:

The season just ended but I LOVE Pretty Little Liars!  The show has so many twists it is hard NOT to watch!  I can't choose one, but I love Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU too!

 Favorite Sweet Treat:

Anything with peanut butter! YUM!

Favorite Food:

Tacos!  We have them every week!

Favorite Restaurant:

This one is so tough!  I love so many!  I'll go with an easy one that serves my favorite food! Chipotle!

Now it is your turn to link up!

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Five for Friday...Finally on a FRIDAY with a FREEBIE!

I am on Spring Break!!  Yay!  Which means I can finally get my Five for Friday done on Friday!! :)  We had a short week but it was a busy, busy!

1.  This we week we had science lab!  We get science lab every 2 weeks.  If you haven't heard about our science lab, it is amazing!  There is a separate teacher that plans experiments for my kiddos to do!  We get My kiddos LOVE it!  This week they learned about magnets!  They loved it and learned so much!

2.  We finished up all the chapters in our math curriculum!  So we are reviewing and starting first grade concepts from now until the last day of school!  Here wear talking about addition and using part, part, whole to solve problems.

3. After addition, we used the part, part, whole concept for subtraction.  We used eggs to solve these problems!  My kiddos really grasped the subtraction.  I think it helped using this format!

4.  Have you heard!?  I have hit 300 followers!  I am so grateful for every follower I have, so I am throwing a fabulous giveaway!

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5.  And a freebie!!  Skip Counting Ladybugs is perfect for a math center.  Students put the flashcards in order then write the numbers in order.

Freebie Fridays

Last but not least!  I am linking up at Lovely Literacy & More for a Spring sale!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Letter and Number Egg Hunt!

SPRING BREAK!!  FINALLY!  Short post about our fun Egg Hunt and then I am off to the great state of WISCONSIN for a long weekend with family!

I hid a bunch of eggs around the room and in each egg was either a letter or number!  The kiddos found them, then as a class we put them in order!

More tomorrow about our other activities!  

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Graphing and a FREEBIE!

ONE MORE DAY!  ONE MORE DAY!  Yes!  Today was our early release day, so we graphed some bunny marshmallows!  Of course, the kiddos LOVED it!  We started by sorting our marshmallows and then all the kids graphed them.  I am so amazed how independently they are able to do all of this now.  They have really grasped the concept of graphing...finally!:)  Scroll through this post to find a FREEBIE at the end! :)

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FREEBIE time!  If you want to do this sorting and graphing activity with your little ones click on the picture! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

300 Follower Giveaway!

I can't believe it!  I have hit 300 followers!  I am so excited to throw a fabulous giveaway for all of my fabulous followers!  I have to thank all the amazing people who have donated to my giveaway, too!  So, THANK YOU! You all rock!  I have broken up the giveaway into 3 different giveaways!  It only makes sense 300 followers, 3 giveaways! :)  One is ALL clip art!  I know you are probably all as excited as I am!  One is all Winner's Choice!  Again, SO excited!  Finally, one of all fabulous products donated by some amazing bloggers!  Are you excited yet!?  Take a look at what each giveaway has to offer! :)

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Wow!  Did you make it through all of that!?  Good Luck!  And thank you so much for following!
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