Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dino Dig!

We are learning about everything dinosaur this week!  Since our science lab was cancelled today, I had my kiddos go on their own "dino dig"!  We pretended to be paleontologists and dug up some "bones"!  In kindergarten terms, everyone had a chocolate chip cookie and used a toothpick to dig out the chocolate chips...aka dinosaur bones!  My kiddos LOVED it!
Our "Paleontologist supplies"!  That cute magnify glass is from Target dollar spot...obviously!

Hard at work diggin' those bones up!

Getting a closer look at the bones! SO cute!  Of course at the end we could eat everything!

Monday, April 29, 2013

DINOSAUR Math Centers and a FREEBIE!

I am just LOVING this weather!  I spent the weekend outside, so I never got to post our giveaway winners!  Thanks to everyone who entered our "Survival Kit" giveaway!  Congrats to Kathryn, Tiffani, and Cherie for winning!  We will be emailing you with all your prizes!

I have some super FUN dinosaur themed math centers to share with you!!
I found these random bone erasers in the Target dollar section and thought they would be PERFECT counters for one of our dinosaur centers!  We pretended they were dinosaur bones and solved our dinosaur subtraction problems!

 Click HERE if you would like your FREE copy of these cute cards!
My friend, Kim, from The Very Busy First Graders, is hosting a linky about your Target finds!!  Link up there!
The rest of these fabulous centers are from Amanda, from Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten's, Dinosaur Math Centers!!  She was so sweet to give me this pack to use!  Here they would pick a number and write the next three numbers!

Number object match!

My kiddos loved the domino math last week, so it was perfect to add this dinosaur domino math center!

Roll and color with the Scentos markers!  The first group did a pretty good job!  I did warn them that even though these markers smell good, we do not write on our bodies with them.  One little one did decide he would slam the marker into the floor making the tip go into the marker though...oh Monday.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Summer seems closer than before!  We have hit 70 degrees here!! YES!  Here is something to get you through those last few weeks!

The perfect Survival Kit brought to you by...

Do you love all the glitter and graphics!?

We thought what a better way to get through the home stretch than with a little giveaway!  Now, what is in the perfect Survival Kit?

Two kits include: 
$5 Target , $5 Dollar Tree , and a $5 Starbucks gift card-  Clearly, we can only include the MUST-HAVES!  Plus, these two great products.  One for the rest of the year and one to get a jump start on next year!

One kit includes:
$25 Amazon gift card and these great products:

Now if we add that up, that is 3 kits and 3 WINNERS!  What are waiting for!?  You know you NEED this!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Since we finally have beautiful spring weather I am having a little sale in my store!  Check it out!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday

YAY, it is FRIDAY!  Best part-it FINALLY feels like SPRING!  We hit 70 today!  Funny to think last Friday we had a snow day!  Check out our fun week!

 I have the best kindergarten team!  One of the kinder teachers made all the other classes play dough that smelt like WATERMELON!  It has been a great incentive at the end of the day!  I just love that they make words with it!
A super FUN fish themed ending sounds activity from the fabulous Shannon, at Kindergarten Hoppenings!  She has the best stuff on her blog and a TON of it is free!

We are learning time to the half hour!  I found this fun matching game from Have Fun Teaching!
Irene did the cutest activity with her kids yesterday!  Of course, I had to do it with my kiddos!  I would call out a time and they would write the hands on their clock.  Then, I would hold up my clock so they could check!
I always do these little emergent readers as a big group, but today I put them in my writing center!  And WOW!  They loved it!  This book is from my Spring Emergent Book Pack!

Now it is your turn! But before you leave!  Have you entered!?

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Underwater Adventures ABC Order FREEBIE!

I just want to thank EVERYONE who blogged and posted about our giveaway last night!  We are so lucky to have such great followers! :)
We are doing our ocean unit this week in science!  My kiddos are loving it!  We have learned about so many different ocean animals.  I created a fun ABC order activity to go along with our ocean theme!  Did I mention it is my newest FREEBIE for you!?
There are 9 word cards included.  You can do them all at once or break them up into a couple ABC order lists!

Click here or on the cover page! :)  These cards are in ENGLISH!  Remember last week's freebie fiasco!?  

Only a couple of days left!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Attention BLOGGERS! Flash Giveaway! Everyone WINS!

Have you heard!?  Irene, from Learning with Mrs. Leeby, and I are hosting a fabulous giveaway!

We know everyone's school year is winding  down, and we might be in "survivor mode"!  We just need to get through those assessments and tests, then we will be sipping fruity drinks by the pool...  What better way to get through this time than with a Survival Kit giveaway!  We are giving away 3 kits!  Each kit is loaded with GIFT CARDS and products by both of us!

You haven't even heard the best part!  We are sweetening the deal by offering any product, $5 and under, from one of our stores just by blogging about this giveaway or posting about this giveaway on your blog Facebook page!  You only have until 10PM Central time!!  Did I mention you will also get 10 entries on Rafflecopter too!?

Here's how it will all work!
1. Post the "Survival Kit" button above with a link to the giveaway on your teacher blog OR Facebook it on your BLOG Facebook page!
2. Pick ONE product from either my store or Irene's store that is $5 or under.
3. Comment with the link to your post, product you would like, and your email address by 10PM Central Time, no exceptions.
4. ENJOY your FREE product!
How simple is that!?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday Math Centers...on TUESDAY!

Since we had a snow day last Friday we finished our centers on Monday and started new ones today!! Check them out!

This is FREE from A Differentiated Kindergarten!!  Get yours here!

 Domino Adding!  So easy and the kiddos LOVED it!

Dice adding!

The bucket is full of addition problems and numbers.  On your turn you pick a card and solve!  If you get the right answer you keep it!  If you pick a SPLASH card, you have to put all your cards back!

Subtracting sea animal cards!  I laminated them and had my kiddos solve right on the card.

Don't forget to enter!  Check back tomorrow for a fun flash giveaway!

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