Friday, May 31, 2013

Five for Friday!

Check out our week!
1. These are our "Tally Flowers"!  My kiddos were still having trouble with crossing the fifth tally, so I made these "Tally Flowers" and made up a story that a big gust of wind always makes the fifth tally fall across the rest of the flowers.  Of course the other four tallies support their fallen friend.  It worked because we are all crossing our fifth tally now!

2.  To finish up our insect unit I made butterfly cutout cookies!  We made the frosting orange, decorated, and enjoyed!

3.  We started doing a little bit on farm this week too!  One of those themes I wanted to fit in, but never knew when!  Here is a fun beginning and ending sheet we did!  Which can be found here!

4.  We named our greater than and less than alligator Snappy!  Everyone got to make a Snappy and use number cards to show greater than and less than!

5.  We had our last science lab of the year this week!  The kiddos did sink and float.  They had a blast!  The tables and kids were all wet, but if it isn't messy it can't be that much fun! ;)

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Down on the Farm Math Centers with a Roll and Color FREEBIE!

Today was tiring.  So glad tomorrow is a half day!  Check out our math centers today!  All of these centers can be found in my Barnyard fun-Down on the Farm pack!

Number and number word match with numbers 1-20.

 Roll and color!  You know we LOVE them!  Grab yours here!
Number order!

Number puzzles!  I had 5 puzzles with various numbers like skip counting 5's and 10's plus counting from 11-20

More number puzzles!  Number 1-10 with matching addition, subtraction, and object cards!

Monday, May 27, 2013

I Made it in the Newsletter and a FREEBIE!

It finally happened!!  My Sunny Sums freebie made it in the newsletter! Yay!  To celebrate I have made a freebie for you!  A fun red, white, and blue rhyming activity!  I am teaching summer school this summer and I am doing a week all about that one cat who wears the hat, so this will be perfect!

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend!  Only a few more weeks left!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Five for Friday

It is that time again!  Five for Friday!  We are still in school for a few more weeks!  Check out our week!
1.  We did a fun seashell even and odd number sort.  It is the closest thing I am to a beach at the moment.  Three more weeks, three more weeks, I think I can make it!:)

2.  We have been working on the greater than and less than symbol.  Here I had each kiddo pick two cards and show the correct sign.

3.  We have been exploring measurement and I had the kiddos use a ruler to measure things in the classroom.  This was the easiest thing and my kiddos were loving it!  I had one little girl going around saying, "Can I inch you?"  Inch..., measure..., at least she was excited about it! :)

4. Tens and ones activity!  Roll once for the tens and once for the ones, then create your new number! 

5.  Two of my kiddos spent their free choice time working together to write this sweet note!  So cute!  As much as I am looking forward to summer break, I will miss them!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List Linky!

I am linking up with Teri from A Cupcake for the Teacher, Hadar from Miss Kindergarten, and April from A Modern Teacher for their Summer Bucket List linky!  So fun!

Let's see, summer seems so far away.  Our last day of school is June 13th!

1.  The hubby and I never got to go on our honeymoon because he had to travel the week after our wedding for work, so we are planning on going somewhere for our one year in August!  Somewhere that looks like this:

2.  We just found out we are moving schools next year which means I need to prepare, move, and organize a brand new classroom for next year!  I literally pinned this today!

3. Have some fun in the sun with friends!  Spring has barely showed up this year, so I hope summer comes!

Now it is your turn!  What is YOUR summer bucket list!?

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Insect Sort

We did a fun insect sort yesterday that I wanted to share with everyone!  I will tell you now that I got it from Shannon's amazing blog!  Seriously, did you check her out yesterday?  If you haven't, please check her out today and search your themes to find some GREAT freebies!
 We started by sorting "Insects" and "Not Insects" as a class!

I closed the group activity by having my kinders color and sort the pictures!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Math Centers

I keep seeing that today was everyone's last Monday of the year or they only have 4 days left.  Well, I have 3 more Mondays!  Check out our math centers this week!  We are still doing bugs and I found a TON of FREE centers from Shannon at Kindergarten Hoppenings!  Seriously, just search any theme and she will have freebies for you!
I created this sheet to use with my number stamps to make addition problems!

Spin and subtract!

Creating patterns using bug cards!

Roll and color-with our Scentos markers!

Spin and graph the insects!  We have two spinning math centers this week! So fun!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Five for Friday-Science Fair Edition!

This week was BUSY!  We had two days of testing and a kindergarten science fair! 
1.  We started our week with science lab!  We have it every other week and this week we used the microscopes or as my kiddos called them "telescopes"!
2.-5.  Check out our Kindergarten Science Fair!  Adorable!  My favorite blogger and friend, Irene, organized it all!  Each kiddo got to pick an experiment and do it at home.  They filled out their hypothesis, materials list, observations, and their conclusions and put it all together on a board!  They turned out great!

 This little one did a lava lamp experiment!  It was a big hit!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We're Going on a Bug Hunt

Summer is here! Ok, maybe just for a couple days this week!  Yesterday was 96 degrees!!  Yes 96!  How does this happen?  I don't know, we don't question it.  I needed to get as much time outside as possible because in MN this nice weather comes and goes!  So, we went on a bug hunt!  I gave each kiddo a clip board and a blank piece of paper, then told them to draw the bugs they see! This was a huge hit!  They were loving it and wanted to stay outside longer.  Once we got back inside we colored our bugs.