Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I made it!  My kiddos were great considering it was Halloween!  Best part, we don't have school tomorrow!
Today was full of so much excitement!  I wanted to share a fun center we did!  SO SIMPLE!
I laminated some ten frames, added some number cards, and used fun Halloween themed erasers as counters-TA DA a fun counting center!  Erasers from Target last year!
Such a mess, but we were learning AND having fun! :)

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's My Blogiversary!!

You heard me!  It is my Blogiversary!  What?!  It has already been a year!?  I feel like I should know more about being a blogger, like- why did all my pictures disappear that I have used in the last year!?  Maybe this next year I will learn about that :)  
All that aside, I have "met" so many fabulous bloggers through my blogging journey and have many more to still "meet"!  To celebrate, I have asked some of my favorite bloggers to help me host a giveaway!  Scroll through to see what everyone has donated! :)

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vowel Hunt

We do literacy in the afternoon and to get my kiddos moving around I try to do more "games" for my mini lessons.
Today, we went on a vowel hunt!  I hung up CVC pictures around the room and had my kiddos walk around to record each word.

The recording sheet was very basic, so I could use it to fit more needs of students.

I had most kiddos writing the words out in the correct section.  For the others, I had them just write the letter that was on the card in the correct section.  This mostly was a time saver and a confidence booster because it takes them awhile to figure out those sounds.
If you want to grab a copy, click here!  It is very basic, so hopefully you can use it to meet your needs!

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Truth Monday: Fitness

Denise form Sunny Days in Second Grade is hosting a 12 part series called My Truth Monday.  Every Monday there is a new topic!  This week is all about fitness.
Tip:  Always have your workout bag in the trunk of your car!  That way you are always ready to workout!

Now if only I didn't LOVE carbs so much...;)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Mitten-Updated!

It snowed here today.  Yes, fall officially started almost a month ago and we are getting snow!  I won't officially count it as the first snow fall of the year since it didn't stick to the ground!
With that being said, I decided to update this:
Why not, right!?  I didn't pull out my mittens today, but I was close!  With homemade soup on the stove and football on the TV, I added a few more activities and gave this pack a little face-lift!  
Check out some new things I added.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Word Work and Blogiversary Coming Soon!

I have been revamping my Word Work center like every other week.  I saw these fun sight word dice from Dollar Tree on Granny Goes to School's blog.  
Of course, I went out and got them right away.
I added some scrabble tiles and my kiddos rolled, recorded, and built each word.  It was fun, but some of my kids it was too easy or too hard.  That is when I decided to have my kiddos take their word sorts to the Word Work center...duh, why not?
At our school, we use the Words Their Way program!  I am so new to it, but I am LOVING it!  Everyone has words at their level and they do not get a list of words sent home every week to memorize.  They focus on  word pattern throughout the week and are only tested on that at the end of  the week.  BRILLIANT!
Now, my kiddos take their word sorts to the Word Work and spell the words with the Scrabble tiles.
Last week we had a short week, but in one of our mini lesson we worked with Wiki Stix.  Guess what we added to our Word Work center then...?
Eventually, I want to have baskets with these supplies in them, so when my kiddos go to the center they grab a basket with all these materials and can work with their words.
What do you do for your Word Work center?!

My blogiversary is coming up!  If you are interested in donating a product click here! ( I hope that worked)  I can't believe it has almost been a year since I started this blogging journey!!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Five for Friday!

Whoo FRIDAY and NO school!  I am doing such a good job of sitting on the couch! :)  
We had a LONG 2 day week!  Check out what we did!
1.  We finished up talking about the American flag with a fun little project!  Each student colored and wrote facts about their flag, then we added  a stick to make it more fun! :)

2.  In science, we have been talking about air and weather.  This week we made anemometers.   My kiddos had a blast learning about all things air and weather.  Our next science unit is organisms...fingers crossed I don't kill everything!
3.  My girl Irene found these cute pumpkin table scatter like 2 years ago and I have been jealous ever since.  That is until I found them in the Target dollar spot!  Um YES!  I am obsessed and have used them whenever I can!  Here were used them to solve addition problems on our ten frames!
4. I just posted my new Print and LEARN-November!  So many topics covered!  Check it out here!

5.  Since I really don't have a 5, let's just give one of these away! :)  

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