Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

LOVE this linky!  One, because I can look back at my old posts and relect.  Two, because BOOM I have a post written just like that!  Thanks to Hope from 2nd Grade Shenanigans for hosting!

*****This is a fun activity we did this past year to learn about main idea!*****

I have my full formal observation on Monday and I was planning on doing a lesson on main idea and details.  I introduced main idea yesterday, so my kiddos could get some practice with that.  I started my lesson with the "Main Idea Bag".  Inside I put different objects that supported a main idea.

I choose the quietest kiddos to pick out an item out of the bag.  After all the items were out of the bag, we brainstormed what the main idea could be.
Some of our ideas were school supplies, colorful things, and art supplies.  The main idea for was art supplies or things an artist would use.
We "taught" our turn and talk partner what main idea is and during Daily 5 each kiddo was asked to read a book, find the main idea, and write it on a sticky note.
They posted all their main ideas on the poster and at the end of Daily 5 we shared their main ideas.
Monday we will add the details part of this strategy!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Laminating Motivation!

I woke up this morning to thunder and lightning! I spent some of the morning reading and then found myself with an itch to laminate!  I haven't wanted to do anything school lately so I jumped on the motivation!
I'm on my second laminator- the first one I accidentally forgot to turn off and I think it got over heated...oops!  We have a laminator at school but I'm convinced one side isn't as hot as the other which causes half my cute TPT creations to peel apart and the kiddos constantly coming up with laminating paper in one hand and the activity in the other.
I got my Scotch laminator at Target!  Only $20!
When I use my at home laminator all my creations come out sturdy and won't get destroyed after the first use in a center.
At school we get $100 a month to print. Black or color each copy is 5 cents! The month of June we got our $100 and since we we're only in school for a week I used some of my money to print out things to laminate! 
Today I laminated some things from The Cat Pack!

I had lots of these activities already printed, but of course used that pesky school laminator and only half of the stuff survived!
Now if only all this would cut itself out! :-)
Do you laminate at home? What kind of laminator do you have?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday!

Wish list Wednesday kept popping up on my newsfeed, so I decided I need to jump on the bandwagon and do the same!  Thanks to Jen, from Teacher by the Beach, for being the brains behind Wishlist Wednesday!  Basically, you have a chance to WIN a product from my store OR you can buy it for 30% off in my store!!

This week I decided to look at what product was on MOST wishlists and decided to do my Community Helpers Literacy Pack!

Enter the rafflecopter to win it or buy now! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What's Up!?

I know!  It has been way TOO long!  The end of the school year is ALWAYS busy.  I have been enjoying my summer break so much, but I need to give my little old blog some love!
This post is more of an update on what I've been doing and where I have been for half the month!  If you follow my IG, you might of seen some of this on there ;)
The weekend after school was out we had our friend's wedding!  The hubby and I were both in the wedding and we even walked down the aisle together-walking partners! :)
Aren't you LOVING these cute robes!

 The Monday after was a teacher work day-boy was I tired ;)  I am moving to kinder next year (YAY!!) which means I need to move rooms!  I had been waiting *paitently* for boxes to start packing up my things.

However, those boxes were RECYCLED by someone on accident!  Meaning I was throwing my stuff in random reusable bags, paper bags, milk crates, etc.  Luckily, my giant storage room had about 7 small unused boxes!

Sidenote-my new room is like half the size of ANY room I have ever had!

Last weekend was my cousin's wedding!  The ceremony was on top of the ski hill and it looked like rain ALL morning!  Amazingly it didn't rain until we were eating dinner inside the ski chalet!  

After all the weddings, candy, cupcakes, cakes, and drinks I have been trying to stay on top of my workouts too!

Since I have been MIA for way too long, let's have a giveaway!!
Comment with what you have been up to this summer so far and I will pick 2 winners to choose any product of their choice (no bundles)
Congrats Karen and Christine! :)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Currently JUNE!

Yay!  It is that time again!  Farley's currently!
Listening: I can honestly say I didn't watch ONE game during the regular season, but the playoffs are just exciting!  I chose Blackhawks to win because they are the closest team to me that is still in it :)
Loving:  Summer break is sooo close!!  5 more days!  This year was such a challenge with TWO new grades in a new district!
Thinking/Wanting:  These go together!  I have so much packing to do!  I am moving rooms (teaching KINDERGARTEN again) next year, so all my stuff needs to be packed up and labeled to be moved to my new room!
Needing:  I'm a bridesmaid in my friend from high school's wedding on Saturday!  Girl needs a tan, it was a LONG winter!
Summer Bucket List:  I just want to relax!  I also blogged about the other things I wanted to do here!