Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Shape Trace~FREEBIE

I have fun pumpkin themed math center for you today!
I bought these shape cards from Target!  If you don't have these cards, that is ok!  You can use any shape cards or shape dice to use with this worksheet!

I put my worksheets in a page protector to save on the copies!

I had my kiddos grab a shape card and then trace that shape.

They LOVED it especially tracing the star and heart :)

Grab your sheet for free HERE!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


My long weekend has officially started!  We had a 2 day week, with conferences, and a work day thrown in there!  Whoo whoo!
We are still learning all we can about shapes!  Our shape unit is not amazing, so we have to make it more fun!
I made these little shape posters (aka shape unit in the works)!  

I put the shapes in the middle of our circle and everyone got  a chance to throw their bean bag on a shape.  Whatever the bean bag landed on or which ever one they were closest to they would identify.

One of the other kinder teachers and I always try to come up with a fun art project every week.  And when we say come up with it usually is right as our prep is ending...

Since we are learning about shapes we decided to make a "Shape Pumpkin Patch".  I drew some shapes and wrote out a sentence that had our kiddos counting the pumpkins.
Quick, easy, and super cute! :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!  All I can think about is our 2 day week next week!! Check out our week!

We are still working hard on learning our color words.  I put these cute crayon color word cards and magnetic letters in my Word Work center!

Roll and trace!  I was going to make this sheet just a roll and write, but it was the first time we have done it, so I added the tracing part with the hopes my kids could figure it out if they forgot my directions.  Of course the NEVER forget my direction though ;)

Math center!  I made these during my student teaching and I still use them.  
Color word writing center!  Find it HERE!

We are working on shapes in math and it is not that exciting.  I made a fun PowerPoint with each shape!  Every few slides the kids JUMP and we get all excited and too loud, but we are having fun so it is ok :)  I used to do the same thing with flashcards and sneak a jump card in it, but they were always too small!  This worked like a charm! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Curdled Milk

You are probably thinking-curdled milk?  But yes, curdled milk.  It started yesterday with a sewer smell in the classroom, which caused our class to join another class for the afternoon.  We learned the smell was all the milk getting dumped down our sinks during breakfast was sitting in our ancient pipes and rotting.  Are you grossed out yet?
Luckily, we only spent the morning in the other kinder classroom before we were able to breathe in our classroom again.
I wish I had amazing things from our classroom, but it sat empty the past two days.  I DO have a freebie for you though!
Apple Number Sheets!  These cover numbers 1-10!  Click HERE or on one of the pictures to grab yours!

Freebie Fridays

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Save Your Paper!

I don't know about your school, but at our school we have a monthly "printing allowance"!  Some months I have enough and some months I get more money added and I still need more.  That is when this idea was officially born-Half Sheets!

A whole worksheet put on a half sheet-how perfect!  The first pack is all Pre Primer DOLCH words!  I say the first pack because there WILL be more to come! :)
Each half sheet has your kiddos tracing, writing, and coloring the sight word!
My kinders loved it!  Maybe it was the smaller size, but I actually heard one say "I love this!" Kid approved!
This will be on sale until tomorrow, but I want to give one away now!
To win:
1. PIN a picture!
2. COMMENT with your email!
3.  I will pick a winner tomorrow night!
Congrats Rachel!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Trees

We finished up our science unit on trees on Friday by making some ADORABLE fall trees!  I was inspired by this pin, but was talked out of actually painting by another kindergarten teacher...haha!
I gave each kiddo a orange, brown, red, and yellow strip of paper.

There job was to rip the paper while I went around tracing their hands for their trees.
Once they were done ripping, they colored their tree.  Then, they started gluing on their "leaves"!
As they were gluing, I handed out a green strip.  They snipped one side to make grass for the bottom of their tree.
They turned out so cute!  They took some time since there were so many steps-plus the clean up, but so worth it!
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Thursday, October 2, 2014


I'm linking up for Farley's Currently linky!

Listening- GO PACK GO! :)
Loving-  I had been searching high and low for an app that had a library of books that could be read to my kiddos and wasn't having any luck!  Then FarFaria contacted me and my search ended-this is the best app ever!  Check out this app for yourself and enter to win a 3 month subscription!  Click HERE!
Thinking- It is true they are great!  Last week I was nominated for "Teacher of the Week" because of how amazing they are doing and guess who PICKED for first "Teacher of the Week" ever!? This girl!  This title comes with its only parking spot-whoo whoo!! :)
Wanting-I am almost done, but then I have to enter everything in online...this can end any time :)
Needing- Nothing!  Life is Good!
Trick or Treat- TREAT!
I created these cute emergent readers.  My kiddos love them!  Click HERE or on the pictures!
I made 2 and put them on the same page to make life easier.  Print once and have two books! :)  

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