Thursday, December 18, 2014

Read it, Bead it, Type it, Write it

Melissa, from Jungle Learners, contacted me a while back to try out her Read it, Bead it, Write it, Type it pack!

I am SO glad she did because this pack is amazing!  There are so many skills that you hit in one easy to use literacy center!
I used the Pre-Primer Edition with my kinders!
First, your kiddos have their Read it, Bead it, Type it, Write it mat and a stack of sigh words.  These sight words are not just any sight words though.  Each card has pictures on it.

You kiddos need to figure out what the beginning sound of each picture is and then find that bead.  Once they figure out each sound and put their beads on their string, they will have their sight word.
Next, they will write the sight word and then use the keyboard on the bottom to type their word.
This was so fun!
I used a page protector, but you could also laminate!  I had these letter beads from Lakshore, but any letter beads would work out great!
Any activity that makes learning sight words fun PLUS working on beginning sounds is number one in my book!
Melissa was so kind to let me give away a copy to one of my followers!  Merry Christmas to you! :)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Polar Express~MINI UNIT

This post has been on my to do list since last year!  Yes, I made this mini unit last year and waited to post it until now!  If you are looking for a some fun centers and activities for your kiddos to do, check it out!

We started out our day with a few literacy centers!
We did a Polar Express Write the Room!  There are eight cards that you can hang around your room or just add to your word work center.  I also added two ABC order sheets that you can use with the write the room cards.
This is a rhyming match center.  Your kiddos find the rhyming matches and record.  It can be done in a center or as a class!
Two math centers included adding and subtracting!  Each center has your kiddos picking a card, solving the problem, and recording.
I used these page protectors to save on paper!
Our day was complete with a hot chocolate and a movie!  Before all this, we graphed how we liked our hot chocolate-hot,warm, and cool!  My kiddos decorated their mug (included in the pack) and wrote which they prefer.
I can't forget to mention we also wore our pajamas to school!  
Check out this pack HERE

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Just Add A Highlighter - FREEBIE

We used one of the pages from my Dotter Fun pack this past week.  Instead of making my kiddos wait their turn and use the dotters I had, I pulled out our highlighters!  Everything is more fun with a highlighter or any type of marker!  No dotters-no problem :)
We are practicing our beginning sounds!
We also are having a blast and learning a lot with our half sheets!

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Dotter beginning sounds!  No dotters- use those markers :)

Sight word review!
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Currently December!

I'm linking up with Farley for her currently linky! :)

Listening- I LOVE Christmas music and as I type this "All I Want for Christmas" is on!  My favorite!  What is your favorite Christmas song?
Loving-  Love this time of year!  My school got a hat donation and everyone got to take a hat home.  We will all be warmer this winter!

Thinking-  Thanksgiving break was nice...I can't wait for winter break! Until then we will be testing, testing and doing some snowy activities!
Wanting-  The day after Christmas we leave for FL.  Even if it is 50 degrees it will be amazing :)
Needing- I'm happy!
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