Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Writing Center

I made the BIG mistake of going to school without a voice yesterday... I teach in a big room split into two, so I share a room with another teacher and it can get noisy at times.  Which isn't a big deal, but when I could barely talk it was impossible.
I ended up going home early (thanks to my amazing team) and took the day off today to recover.
Since I had all this extra time on my hands and couldn't talk, I finally got a chance to get my Spring Writing Center Activities pack done!
This pack follows the same format as my Winter, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day packs.
I put these Read it, Trace it, Write it, Build it sheets in my writing center each week.  My kiddos know exactly what to do and get practice in more than just writing!

These writing prompts come in 3 different levels.
I like this prompt because you can have fun with it (chocolate cake!) OR use it with your science unit.  This page has you trace the letters then fill in the rest.
The 3rd level has a question and your kiddos have to write the whole thing.
I also included several sheets that have your kiddos creating lists.  These can be used on their own or use it as a planning tool for in the pre-writing stage.

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Congrats Mary!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Blogger Match Up

It is that time for some college basketball madness.  There are 64 bloggers who got matched up with a team to cheer for throughout the NCAA tournament.  Just like the tournament, once you lose you are out.  The Final Four bloggers will be eligible to win amazing gift cards!
Our teams were picked at random and my team is.... Coastal Carolina.

I am matched up with the fabulous Molly from Lucky to be in First for the first round!
If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that I am from Wisconsin!  I hope Coastal Carolina does well, but I hope they lose ;) haha!
Even if I end up losing OR winning (hope not), you will still have a chance to win!  Yay!
I am giving away my Digraph pack to one lucky winner!

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Thank you Ashlyn from The Creative Classroom for putting this all together!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Writing Center

That sneaky leprechaun is making its way into classrooms across the country, so it is a perfect time to add these St. Patrick's Day writing activities to your writing center.

All of these centers follow the same format as my Winter and Valentine's Day Writing Center Activity packs!

There are making lists pages.

There are also read trace, write, and build it pages.

I have also made 10 word cards and a recording sheet that can be used as a Write the Room activity or put in a center for extra writing practice.

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Good Luck!
Congrats Rachel!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Five for Friday

This week was tiring!  I posted this on my Facebook page and it so true!  Wouldn't that be nice!?

My friends at Junior Learning let gave me a set of their Touchtronic Letters to give away!
Check them out HERE!

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I switched up some of our word work centers!  St. Patrick's Day themed word family sort.

I also updated my writing center with my St. Patrick's Day Writing Center!

In our intervention groups this week, I pulled out this CVC build sheet!

Yesterday was my birthday and my hubby surprised me by sending me these pretty pink roses!
My birthday was great but woke up today with STREP!  Ah!  
Spring Break Countdown-2 WEEKS!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Touchtronic Letters Review/Giveaway

I recently was in Atlanta at the EDexpo and got to check out the newest educational materials and supplies.  One of those things were the Touchtronic Letters from Junior Learning.

They are a set of letters that were made to be used on the iPad!  Imagine magnetic letters, but for an iPad!
There are two FREE apps that are compatible with these letters

One app is all about practicing the individual letters and the other is a CVC building app.
The iPad is very interactive, but adding a manipulative that can be used with it makes it 10 times better!  Your kiddos can actually see and touch each letter for better reinforcement.
 There are three different games to play with the ABC app.  My kiddos loved the Letter Bubbles!
Find the letter that matches the first sound and "pop" the bubble with it!

This one I LOVED because it isolated that vowel!  This was perfect for my kiddos because this is what we are really working on now!

This CVC app was amazing too!  It starts out with the three blank spots.  Your kiddos build a CVC word and the matching picture shows up on the top.
One thing that I thought was brilliant was that when you start building your word, the app picks up the sight words and reads them for you!
If that isn't great, you can tap on each letter and it says each sound for you.  This is great reinforcement, especially for those short tricky short vowel sounds.
If you aren't already excited, the amazing people at Junior Learning are giving away a set of letters to one of my readers!  
PLUS-if you use the word TRONIC at checkout you can recieve 20% off any of their Touchtronic prodcuts!

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Happy Monday! 

Saturday, March 7, 2015


If you have my Word Work: CVC pack you will LOVE my Word Work: Digraph pack!
This pack includes beginning and ending digraph activities.  One of those activities is fill in the missing digraph cards.  
 I have included letter tiles, but you can always use your classroom magnetic letters.
I put each digraph stick on each bucket, but you can use it without.  Your kiddos sort each picture by their beginning or ending digraph.  You can focus on beginning and then switch to the ending digraph.

I have included digraph puzzles.  

Picture and word match!  Your kiddos will match the word to the correct picture.  I highlighted the digraph in red for reinforcement.

These are just a few of the activities included.  There are also 15 extra worksheets that can be done alone or add it to one of these activities for extra practice!

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Congrats Kathy!

Monday, March 2, 2015


I'm linking up with Farley for her Currently linky!
I am so happy it is March!  Spring is near!  And by near, I mean like May because I do live in Minnesota ;)
Listening- Not really listening, it is just on!  When it is not football season, I don't care ;)
Loving-MARCH!  My birthday is next week and March sometimes brings us "warmer" weather.  Like 40's and 50's!
Thinking-My family is coming to visit this weekend!  I haven't seen them since Christmas.  Way too long!
Wanting/Needing-The next two weeks are all about our reading test!  I just want them to be over, but I just can't motivate myself to be a crazy woman and test non-stop all haha!
Spring Break-Last spring break I taught!  I know, what!?  Our school offered a program that ran the week of spring break.  It was super fun and good $, BUT that Monday after I was like "what was I thinking!?"  The break will be nice this year!

What have you been up to!?  Link up now! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Five for Fri..Sat...SUNDAY!

I tried really hard to post this sooner, but the weekend got in the way ;)

We are learning about 3D shapes in math.  We did a fun 3D shape sort!
I got all these fun pencils from EdExpo!  Check out my post about the Top Ten Products we found!

I changed up my Word Work center!  These are from my Word Work: CVC pack!

We are all about testing this week coming up, so I threw in a few Seuss activities Friday!

This was my impromptu lesson on voting.  We upgraded our GoNoodle character and I decided to make it more fun!  Everyone voted and we declared a winner!
I just added my Word Work: Digraphs to my store!