Saturday, March 7, 2015


If you have my Word Work: CVC pack you will LOVE my Word Work: Digraph pack!
This pack includes beginning and ending digraph activities.  One of those activities is fill in the missing digraph cards.  
 I have included letter tiles, but you can always use your classroom magnetic letters.
I put each digraph stick on each bucket, but you can use it without.  Your kiddos sort each picture by their beginning or ending digraph.  You can focus on beginning and then switch to the ending digraph.

I have included digraph puzzles.  

Picture and word match!  Your kiddos will match the word to the correct picture.  I highlighted the digraph in red for reinforcement.

These are just a few of the activities included.  There are also 15 extra worksheets that can be done alone or add it to one of these activities for extra practice!

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Congrats Kathy!


  1. I am literally just beginning to teach my students about digraphs and they need a LOT of practice with them. This resource would be perfect for them. Thanks for this!

  2. We're just starting to work on this! This looks like a great resource to provide some hands on practice.

  3. This is exactly what we need right now!

  4. We are about to begin digraphs! This would be a great resource!

    This would be perfect for my kindergartener!

    Awesome digraph pack for my speciial ed students!

  7. I just started teaching these last week so this pack would be great to use too!

  8. What a great pack. My kinders will love doing these activities. Thank you for the chance to get them for my class.