Saturday, September 26, 2015

Flash Drive GIVEAWAY!

I have the ultimate giveaway for YOU!
My friends at USB Memory Direct sent me these beauties a couple of weeks ago!

They are an amazing company that values teachers!  They let me pick out custom flash drive to share with all my fabulous followers.
Can I say how hard it was to choose!?  Each flash drive was so unique!  I decided on a flash drive with a lanyard.  As a teacher, we always have a lanyard and we always have that one flash drive that goes missing.  You know the one with all your lesson plans on it...
The lanyard color is totally up to you and you can customize the clip with your logo, school name, or school mascot!

I was sent enough flash drives to do a few giveaways with, so I am giving away 5 flash drives with 5 of my TpT products uploaded to each one!

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

How Do I Get Home FREEBIE

I've made it through the first week (aka 3 days)!  On the first day of school we used this freebie that I created to help my kiddos remember how they are getting home from school.

The kids either get picked up, ride the bus, or walk home.  Each sheet has the kiddos tracing and then drawing a picture of how they get home from school.

We do have an after school club, so I just put that under the "getting picked up" paper since their parents are picking them up :)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Five for Friday...Seven for Saturday :)

***I wrote this post in July and never linked up, so I thought I would just add to it!! :) :) I have so many things to tell you (like go to number 7)***
It has been awhile since I have linked up!  I have one more week of summer school left! 
**We started Wednesday! New school, new district, and I am loving it so far! :)**

So, we bought a dog!!  We had gone back and forth with it before finally deciding to get her.  We are moving next week, so it was perfect timing.  We will have a nice yard for her compared to our patch of grass at our townhouse!  We named her Remie.
**She is so big now!!**

Do you LOVE the chalkboard that cute chalkboard theme?  I had a few requests to make more chalkboard signs.  I have color signs as a FREEBIE.  I made shape and number sets too!

I posted this on my Instgram and Facebook page, but thought it was a perfect reminder for recess!  Now all you warm state teachers would have to adjust it for your temps :)

We move next week and I feel like there is so much to do!  I spent way too long on the phone with the cable and internet companies.  FYI they are not nice when you try to cancel your services...:/

**We have officially moved and we are loving our new house!  We live right next to a pond and small nature park, so we have had deer in our backyard a few mornings!  Now that I work in a new district and that we moved I am over half the distance to my new school...YAY! ** 

Since my mind is on puppies and moving, I haven't had any time to work on Back to School stuff.  I did post this Reading Comprehension Pack last week.  It is school themed, so it would be great for any time of the year!

6 (not a fancy picture like the others)
We started school on Wednesday and so far my class is doing great!  We practiced being good listeners while I read the book "Curious George's First Day of School".  After we read the book we talked about our favorite parts! My kiddos drew their favorite part to take home and talk about it with their mom or dad!  A lot of them liked when George made a mess...haha!  

Click HERE if you would like a copy!

We are expecting a little boy in January!  

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Back to School GoNoodle Blogger Biltz

I'm teaming up with a bunch of fabulous bloggers to tell you how AMAZING GoNoodle is!  Plus, you have a chance to win some GoNoodle swag for you and your class!  Wait there is more!  Use the code: BTSwithGoNoodle to get 15% off EVERYTHING in the GoNoodle Shop!
I want to show you TWO ways that I use GoNoodle in my classroom.  There are a million ways to use it, so I'll show you two!

Idea #1:
After each video you watch, you get points.  After 10 points your Champ gets upgraded.  Once you are done with all your upgrades you get to get a new champ!
To make it more fun, we voted for our champ!  I picked a row and numbered the Champs.  Then, the kids wrote down what number they wanted and we went through our votes.  This is good any time of the year, but would be perfect during the election time each year!

Idea #2
I know we always have those random few minutes that we need to fill!  My random few minutes always seemed to come at the end of the day because I was a crazy woman and wanted to make sure my kiddos were ready early, so we wouldn't be late to buses.
Some of my kiddos had longer bus rides so it was perfect to do a quick video before we left!  
This video even reviews words you are working on in the classroom!

GoNoodle is such a super company and understands teachers, so they have given me some GoNoodle pencils to giveaway to you!
Enter below-Good Luck!

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