Sunday, July 29, 2018

Shape Match Sheets

  Those first few weeks of kindergarten can feel like you are in "survival mode".  I created these simple shape match sheets to help your kiddos cut, match, and glue.

I would use these during those first few weeks during math time.  I usually do something math while we practice our rituals and routines.  This would be a great addition to practice "how we work at our tables during math time". 
Grab it HERE or click on the picture below!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Back to School Oriental Trading Giveaway

Back to School is almost here!  Whether you report back this week or after Labor Day, you will be thinking about all the things you need to get done before those kiddos come back to school!

I am teaming up with Oriental Trading and giving away a $250 gift card!  Yes, $250!

$250 Oriental Trading Gift Card Giveaway

Oriental Trading isn't just party supplies, they have an AMAZING teaching section called Learn365!  I personally love all the classroom storage options they have!  I did a  post all about their great storage!
For some fun Back to School student gifts, check out this post!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

What I've Been Up To!

Hi!  You're probably thinking where did you go!?
Well, a week after Valentine's Day we welcomed our twin girls!  Ella and Bree!  They came 6 weeks early, so they spent 13 days in the NICU.  Luckily, they were strong little 4 lb girls and really only needed to eat and grow before we could leave.  They gained a few grams one day and the doctors gave us the OK to bring them home.  Yay!

Fast forward to May and we put our house up for sale!  My husband got a new position in his company in Montana, so we were planning the big move to the mountains!

I'll be honest we didn't pack, load, or anything.  It was probably the best way to move with three under three!  All thanks to the hubby's company!

Now we are here and are living it up in a hotel until we close on our house at the end of the month!  Hotel living is not ideal-it is so small.  We do have two bedrooms, living room, and kitchen BUT I still feel like I can't move without tripping over stuff!