Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Toddler Tuesday {Preschool Ideas} Week 5

It is Halloween week!  I hope you're week isn't too scary!
Today I have a fun project you can do in between Halloween and Thanksgiving!
How cute are these Q-tip trees!?  They are easy to make and even help work on those fine motor skills!

I used thicker paper, so the paint would not tear with all the paint in one area.  I drew a tree using a black marker.  You can draw a tree or you can print a tree out.  I have a tree HERE that you can print.

I set out colors you would see on fall trees along with a bunch of Q-tips.  Your kiddos simply dip their Q-tip into the paint and make small dots all around the tree.

Hang these trees up to make an adorable fall display in your class or in your hallway!

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