Sunday, March 17, 2019

Skip Counting Basketballs FREEBIE

It is that time of year when some of us watch the madness of March!

I have a fun basketball themed math center for you!

Students will put the basketballs in order by counting by 10's!

When they are finished, they can complete the skip counting cut and glue worksheet.

Click HERE, if you want to grab this for you class!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Color Sorting

Sorting is a fun activity to do and a great skill to have when in preschool and kindergarten.  A good place to start when beginning to sort is with colors.  Colors are everywhere and most likely you have colored objects around your class or house.

A fun activity that I found all over Pinterest was a object color sort using objects around your house/classroom!  We used our big lego blocks to sort by color.

I laid out colored construction paper and we put the blocks on each paper to match the color.

We are totally into hiding things and finding them, so you could also "hide" the blocks and have your kiddos find the blocks.

I also have created a fun color sorting center that you can use.  It is laid out the same way, but I have included colored object cards to sort. 

Plus, there is a color match worksheet included.  Your kiddos will color each picture the correct color.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rainbow Activities

It is that time of the year where we focus on all things green and rainbows!  St. Patrick's Day is a fun time to do some rainbow activities with your kiddos.

I have two fun activities that we have done this past week.
The first one I cut out strips of colored paper.  We used our colored dot stickers to stick on each strip.
I cut out a black pot and we glued each strip in rainbow color order onto the pot!  This is a great one to work on fine motor and color matching.
The next one we did we used the strips of paper to spell our name!  I have seen this done with sight words and thought it would be perfect to review the letters in our name.
I cut out the strips and a cloud.  I wrote each letter on a colored strip and the full name on the cloud.
Next, we matched the letters to build our name!
These would be cute to hang from the ceiling in your classroom for a fun spring feel!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Math Center Freebie

If you're looking for a simple math center, look no further!

I've made a FREE counting math center for you!

Students pick a card, count, and record the numbers.  This center focuses on numbers 1-10. 

For more of a challenge, you could have your kiddos pick two cards, add the numbers together, and write an equation each time.
Grab this freebie HERE!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

St. Patrick's Day Writing Sensory Bin

I'm back with a fun writing center idea for you!

I have been really into sensory bins lately, so I took the word card from my St. Patrick's Day writing pack and added them to a St. Patrick's Day themed sensory bin,

Our sensory bin also has a mix of colored beans.  I also added some green Easter grass and gold glitter paper strips.  I found both of these from Walmart in their Easter section.

You could also add a tweezers or tongs to have your kiddos grab each card using those tools.
I laminated our word tracing paper, so we can use this over and over.  Plus, it cuts down on copying!
If you are interested in this writing center, plus writing centers for the entire year, click HERE!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Let's Go Trucks-SHAPES

My little guy is obsessed with trucks and constructions, so I decided to make a some truck themed activities!
Today, I am going to show you some shape activities!
The first activity is a shape sort.

I put a shape on each dump truck, then your kiddos will sort each shape.
The second activity are shape tracing cards.

I laminated these first and we used a dry erase marker to trace over each shape.

These are just a couple of the activities in this pack!  If you're looking for more, click HERE!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Number Match Hearts

I have an EASY math center for you today!  Yes, it is perfect for the whole month of February or really any time of year!

I found these foam hearts from Target a few years back, but I am sure you could find them anywhere this time of year.
I wrote a number and the matching number of hearts.
Your kiddos can count and put different objects on each hear to match that number.
For more of a challenge, you can have your kiddos pick two hearts and add them together!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Heart Box Math Center

I'm back for another FREE Valentine's Day activity!
I got these heart shape boxes from Walmart!

I created a fun addition center you can add to your centers the month of February!

Cut out the addition problems and put one problem in each box. 

Your kiddos will pick a box and write the equation on their recording sheet.

Grab it HERE!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

FREE Heart Letter and Number Cards

Valentine's day is coming up quick! 

I wanted to share the February cards with you.

These cards are great for a sensory bin or reading/math center.

I paired the number cards with heart table scatter to create and easy math center!  Your kiddos identify the number and count out the matching number of heart scatter pieces.
Grab them HERE!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

FREE Valentine Cards

If you're looking for candy-free Valentine cards, you've come to the right place!
I created three different Valentine cards that can be given with an inexpensive toy instead of candy.
I got the rubber ducky superheros from Oriental Trading.  If you used these for beginning of the year gifts, then check out the dinosaur themed cards.  These dinosaurs I found at Dollar Tree!
Grab these cards HERE!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Dinosaur Color Sort

Any of your kiddos OBSESSED with dinosaurs!? 
We are dino obsessed over here!

A fun activity that we have been doing is sorting our pom poms by color! 

I created these fun dinosaur color mats that your little ones can use to sort their colors on.

Grab them HERE!
Need some more dinosaur activities!?
Check out these other fun dinosaur themed color activities!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Target Alphabet Letter Writing

I picked up these cute felt letters from the Target Dollar Spot a couple weeks ago! 

I thought they would be perfect for a center or group activity!
I created a couple worksheets that you can use in your classroom with these letters or any letters you may have.

The first one your kiddos will pick a letter and write about the picture that matches the letter.  They can write the word, the sentence on the piece, or create their own.

The second worksheet has your kiddos copying the sentence on the pieces by filling in the missing words.
Grab them HERE!

Toddler Tuesday {Preschool Ideas} Week12

I wanted to share a fun winter themed math activity with you!
I printed out these number mittens and add the to a bin with white pom poms and a tweezers.
Your kiddos pull out a mitten and use their tweezers to match the snowballs to the number on the mitten.

To challenge students, pull out two mittens and have your kiddos add the numbers together!
Grab the number mittens HERE!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Toddler Tuesday {Preschool Ideas} Week 11

It has been awhile since I shared some new ideas for you preschool classroom!
This one is a fun winter shape one!  
I cut squares out of white paper and had my kiddo glue the squares in a circle on a piece of construction paper.

Once we had a "circle" we glued an orange triangle in the middle. 
We added big circles for yes and smaller circles for the mouth!
Add rectangles for their arms and you've made the cutest snowman!
For older kiddos, you could add a writing piece and have them write about what happened that made their snowman melt. 
A great book to add to this project would be "Snowmen at Night".

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Winter Shape Sort

I wanted to share with you a fun winter themed shape sort! 

This is a fun way to review the four basic shapes while getting up and moving around the room.
Hide or hang up the small shape pieces then, have your kiddos go around the room collecting the ones they find.  Have them bring their pieces to your meeting area and go around calling on kiddos to tell you what they found while putting it on the snowball sorting mat. 

You could also put this in a center and have students sort the shapes using the sorting mat!
Grab it HERE if you would like to use this in your classroom! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Stomping into a New Year

Happy New Year!  I know some of you are already back and some of you will be back soon! 
I wanted to jump on here to show you a fun little dinosaur freebie for you to use on your first days back!
I have included 4 fun worksheets!
I have a coloring sheet

I also have a number writing sheet.  Your kiddos trace the first and last numbers and fill in the missing ones.

I have an alphabet trace and write!

Finally, I have a sentence builder sheet!

If you want to grab this, click HERE!